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確かな実績と自由な発想 新しいワークスタイルをご提案します

Computer support Corp. specializes in IT sales and support.



  • If a problem occurs in your computers or IT apparatus, what company do you ask for help?

    If you make a request to a repair company, they think mainly on repairing it.

    If you make a request to a sales company, they think mainly on selling it.

    Computer Support Corp. receive it for a neutral thought without leaning toward one side.

    Of course, we try to keep quick restoration at the time of whick trouble is occured.
    In addition,

    We think about usage to decrease of the influence of the trouble.

    We think about the protection of every possible the data.

    We think about whether you should buy a new it whether you should repair it.

    In the case of replacement by purchase, we advise the choice of the model.

    And we introduce the new apparatus and service.

    We provide expendable supplies like Recycled toners.

    We act for the contract procedure of the Internet provider.

    We deal with the consultation of the mobile use.

    It is Computer Support Corp. that is not partial to a specific maker and product.

    Please think that it deviates to the customer, if computer support might be partial someone.

    if you think Computer Support Corp. might be partial someone, it is customer.

Computer Support Corp.

Ichigo-HigashiIkebukuro BLD.6F 1-34-5 Higashi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo

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