Computer support Corp. is a company of sales and support specialized in the IT.

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Company Policy

Computer Support Corp. is intended to support customer for using IT apparatus smoothly. The environment surrounding PC becomes higher complicatedly year by year, and a limit occurs in a user managing it only by own power. For example, the support of network environment such as LAN and Internet needs ability for correspondence that is more complicated than PC simple substance. Computer Support Corp. does every possible support so that customers accomplish duties smoothly..

Message from President


I was concerned with duties to provide IBM-PC which was the world's first personal computer released in 1981 in Japan. Via IBM-PC/XT, I evolve in excellent article IBM-PC/AT, and it causes a sold PC now.
And, in Japan, PC-9801 was released in 1982 by NEC and I was concerned with it sales. I recognize that I have the rare existence that was able to affect Japan and overseas both legend PCs.
Mainstream MS-DOS replaced Windows, and the mobile use using Notebook PC and Tablet PC advanced more in those days. It was the world to see PC at everyday every place now. If used PCs increase, as a matter of course, the demand for support increases. It is to be conscious of the support to a customer that our company name contains the word "support".
Concerned with the PC industry more than 30 years. I will make an effort to be able to help the world by accumulation of the past experience more.


Computer Support Corp.

Ichigo-HigashiIkebukuro BLD.6F 1-34-5 Higashi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo

TEL 03-6869-4432
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